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Thank you!

There are moments in life, which stay in our memory forever. Fragments of awe, flashes of pure and profound happiness felt when we transcend reality and seamlessly connect with the universe, the collective consciousness, the higher self. These are the moments when we become one with the world around us, finally catching that elusive satisfaction hidden in a simple constatation: life is beautiful!

This year's Festival Maribor was full of them. The majestic opening with Liszt's concerto, the mystic and electrifying journey of Makedonissimo, the intricate tapestry of old and new in Simon Trpčeski and Friends, the profound and powerful Do you still like Brahms and the wake-up call of No Return to Normality. Not to forget the playful musical offerings for children and families and the out-of-this-world unwinding with the phenomenal Džambo Aguševi Orchestra. What splendour, what richness! Unforgettable.

None of it was possible without our guests' artistic passion and musical excellence, first and foremost our artist in residence, Simon Trpčeski. With his masterful performances, immense artistic insights, and his open, warm-hearted persona, he put a one-of-a-kind mark on this year's festival, making it a true celebration of music and life. A big thank you also to Gabriel Bebeşelea, Alexander Somov, Hidan Mamudov, Aleksandar Krapovski, Sorin Spasinovici, Vlatko Nushev, Adriana Magdovski, the StoP Percussion Ensemble with Jera H. Petriček, the No Borders Orchestra with Premil Petrović and Vladimir Kostov, the Symphony Orchestra of the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, the Džambo Aguševi Orchestra and well Druga Godba Festival and SNG Maribor. You made the magic possible!

Let's wrap it with the words written by one of our regular visitors in a Facebook comment:" One of those festivals, which I'll carry in my heart forever!" Heart and fire emojis attached.

Heart and fire? We couldn't agree more! Thank you, and see you in 2022!



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