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Getting such a commentary from the audience after a concert is all we could ever wish for. It is what we strive and work for: the elusive moments when the beauty of music touches hearts.

»The Balkans produce more history than they can consume, Winston Churchill observed. Located between the Adriatic ...
»It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter,« Marlene Dietrich once said.

A festival of good (classical) music.

What's Festival Maribor?

An annual autumnal musical festivity, wrapping the city of Maribor in yellow.

A day, when clocks tick within bars of musical masterpieces. An evening, when one is overwhelmed by the power of music. A moment, when one is carried away by the passion of the heart.

A cradle of new sounds, a map of uncharted musical territories, a launching pad to new galaxies. A laboratory, where originality sparks and creativity explodes. A bridge between musical periods, an intersection of musical expressions.

An ocean of new acquaintances, a harbour of friendships. A precious opportunity for the first contact with classical music for children, a sublime selection of musical delights for the connoisseurs.

A festival with an excellent line-up of internationally acclaimed artists and an insightful selection of young talents.

A festival proud of its fifty-year legacy and a clear vision of the future!

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