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Music that erases genre and geographical boundaries and builds bridges between centuries, cultures, nationalities, traditions, and legacies is the natural habitat of Maribor's multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger, Vasko Atanasovski.

In a world teetering on the edge of chaos, the power of music to transcend suffering and isolation shines as a ...
Vulnerability is the raw and unguarded expression of our true selves, our limitations, fears and insecurities. One ...

A festival of good (classical) music.

What's Festival Maribor?

An annual autumnal musical festivity, wrapping the city of Maribor in yellow.

A day, when clocks tick within bars of musical masterpieces. An evening, when one is overwhelmed by the power of music. A moment, when one is carried away by the passion of the heart.

A cradle of new sounds, a map of uncharted musical territories, a launching pad to new galaxies. A laboratory, where originality sparks and creativity explodes. A bridge between musical periods, an intersection of musical expressions.

An ocean of new acquaintances, a harbour of friendships. A precious opportunity for the first contact with classical music for children, a sublime selection of musical delights for the connoisseurs.

A festival with an excellent line-up of internationally acclaimed artists and an insightful selection of young talents.

A festival proud of its fifty-year legacy and a clear vision of the future!

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