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We are ready

Silence is not an option, we declared in our first newsletter. And now, we are ready to be heard. Only one more night until the opening concert!

Featuring the mesmerising symphonic poems Gazele by Lucian Marija Škerjanc, one of the key Slovenian music personalities of the 20th century putting into music the poetry of Slovenia’s greatest poet, France Prešeren, the fil rouge of the 2023 festival starts to emerge:

an exploration of the complex and ever-evolving interplay between words and music.

Focusing on the two mighty pillars of human creativity, the festival offers a series of exciting and daring concerts featuring an array of distinguished artists. We are happy to announce the world-renowned Ensemble Modern, an undisputed authority on contemporary music featuring a programme of contemporary music by Slovenian composers.

We proudly present the world premiere of the musical play The Star and the Heart. Commissioned by the festival and composed by Nana Forte and Jure Ivanušič, featuring verses by Slovenian poet Milan Jesih it showcases the enormous versatility of music through a variety of genres and styles. Witty and delightful – family fun at its best!  

Returning to Maribor, the No Borders Orchestra, one of the most exciting European young musicians orchestras, will once again hold a mirror to our troubled world, forcing us to (re)think it. Žiga Faganel, Alja Mandič Faganel and Nejc Lavrenčič will explore the invisible but deep connections among the chamber music masterpieces by Alfred Schnittke, Mieczysław Weinberg and Arvo Pärt. We will revisit the collaboration of the celebrated Macedonian guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski and saxophone virtuoso Vasko Atanasovski, bringing an explosive, electrifying and hypnotic fusion of the rich cultural heritage of the Balkans and contemporary world music. 

And finally, an extraordinary treat for our youngest listeners. Babies and toddlers are invited to take their first step into a concert hall with a gentle blend of selected poetry for children and well-loved piano miniatures presented by Davor Herga and Adriana Magdovski.

Welcome to Festival Maribor 2023! Welcome to the enchanting intertwinement of music and words. Complex and profound, witty and fun, contemplative and provocative, it is bound to stir the minds, capture the hearts, and present new and fascinating insights into our complex yet beautiful world.

Text: Maja Pirš

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