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A subtle researcher of the human soul

Bringing together a fascinating mix of internationally acclaimed artists to share their passion and artistic visions in exciting and unique musical collaborations has always been one of the most thrilling features of Festival Maribor, eagerly awaited by the audiences. And it seems that our performers are just as excited to explore new possibilities and forge New Friendships.

»I am fascinated by the artists, their stories and mutual relationships. No matter their era and times, their work gives us a vivid and direct insight into their lives. The programme I have chosen speaks volumes about their artistic but also deeply personal, even intimate relationships and friendships. All the composers are connected with each other one way or another, be it through their relationships, their music or even by poetry.«

Nika Gorič’s description of the September 21st programme perfectly captures the essence of the first-time collaboration of the charismatic soprano and the world-renowned pianist Simon Trpčeski. Knowing them both as immensely subtle and deeply emotional artists, the evening promises much more than just musical excellence. We are offered a perceptive and gripping insight into the human soul!



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