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Igudesman & Joo: A Little Silent Night Music

Aleksej Igudesman, violin
Hyung-ki Joo, piano

Union Hall, Maribor

Kralja glasbene komedije

The Holiday Season, undoubtedly, is the best time of the year. Families get together and have a jolly ball, and they will find no better place to do this than with IGUDESMAN & JOO in “A Little Silent Night Music”.

Whether you celebrate with a Christmas tree, a Dreidel, a Korsi, a Rangoli, or a Krampus, in the world of IGUDESMAN & JOO, everyone has fun.

Heartrending renditions of holiday classics stand next to hilarious original Christmas and New Year songs, topped off with some IGUDESMAN & JOO all-time classics. “A Little Silent Night Music” spreads Holiday Cheer, with healthy amounts of mistletoe and virtuoso music.

Violinist Aleksey Igudesman and pianist Hyung-Ki Joo are the wildly inventive comedy team whose YouTube sketches and musical mash ups have attracted close to 45 million viewers. Seriously talented musicians with the wit, sensibilities and improvisational bent that bring to mind Monty Python, “South Park,” “SNL,” and “Portlandia,” Igudesman & Joo hilariously waltz their way from Mozart to martial arts, Haydn to hip hop. By breaking down barriers between the stage, audiences and orchestra, their concerts roam several standard deviations from the classical norm. Anything can and usually does happen to the delight of enthusiastic fans worldwide. 

IgudeSNOWman & JOOdolph are coming to town! This is the one night of the year for all of us to enjoy ourselves and to give up seriousness - “cold turkey”!

“Having had the great pleasure to have shared a stage with my friends Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo, I can tell you that even from up-close they are the real thing. They are extremely funny, very original, and highly-skilled musicians to boot. Their mix of classical music and comedy is absolutely unique”.


“The funniest show on music and the life of musicians I have seen since the great Victor Borge. I couldn’t stop crying of laughter for the whole evening.“
GIDON KREMER, violinist

“IGUDESMAN & JOO bring surrealism to the concert hall and takes its trousers down! Very musical, very engaging and very funny.“
TERRY JONES, Monty Python

“A Little Nightmare Music as a title is a misnomer… IGUDEMSAN & JOO are a DREAM …watch them!“

*Tickets: 35 € (regular) / 25 € (for Orchestral or Chamber Series season tickets holders, until the places are filled, or at the latest by November 7. Valid for one ticket upon presentation of a valid season ticket card.)

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