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Walk along the City’s Musical Paths

In cooperation with Društvo Hiša.

Concieved and led by: Vid Kmetič and Jure Golež.

Narodni dom Maribor

The creators and fellow travellers of the Maribor Festival may find it hard to imagine, but the fact is that most of Maribor’s citizens probably do not associate the city primarily with music, but with many other things. If we do associate it with music, it is probably with the music of the 1960s, when Maribor was known as the Liverpool of Yugoslavia. However, this city of ours does in fact have an extremely rich history related to classical music. We will reveal part of this history to you on a walk called Musical Maribor. Connoisseurs and music lovers will learn many interesting details from the musical history of Maribor, while other participants will definitely view the city beside the Drava River in a slightly different light after this walk.

The walk will be conducted in Slovenian.

Participation is free of charge.

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