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When a love is born that lasts a lifetime

"Mommy, it was so beautiful I could almost cry," a young listener described her experience at last year's concert for babies and toddlers. She offered the most beautiful proof of the immense value of such moments, which bring a deep and lasting connection to music.

At the Maribor Festival, we understand how precious it is for the first steps into the world of music to be exciting and memorable and how important it is for the programmes offered to be of the highest quality and tailored to young listeners. The love of music is a love that lasts and enriches us throughout our lives. That's why we have carefully crafted two unique events for our young audiences, where we can hope for similar responses as the one described above.

Come, bring your family! Treat them and yourself with a shared experience of joy, surprise, wonder, and pleasure found in music written and performed especially for them. Its magical power is the key to a treasure chest containing life's most precious gifts: the pursuit of beauty, the fire of intellect, the mind, the depth of emotions, the roots of culture and the spark of curiosity and creativity.

Share all these gifts with your offspring. It's both a privilege and a joy!

Matinee for babies and toddlers 
Piano miniatures and poetry for children.
Saturday, 16. September at 11:00
Knights’ Hall, Regional Museum Maribor
Adrijana Madovski, piano
Gavor Herga, narrator
Poems selected by Urška p. Černe

The Star and the Heart 
Concert-theatre work based on a puppet play by Milan Jesih. For everybody over 7 years of age.
Sunday, 17. September at 17:00
Union Hall, Maribor
Composers: Nana Forte, Jure Ivanušič
Lyrics (puppet play): Milan Jesih
Adaptation and direction: Jure Ivanušič
Actors and singers: Jure Ivanušič, Metka Jurc, Urša Kavčič, Mihael Mikluš, Tomaž Planinc
Carpe artem music collective, conductor: Tilen Draksler
Commissioned by Festival Maribor 2023. World premiere.

Text by: Maja Pirš

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