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Perfection? Life!

Music that erases genre and geographical boundaries and builds bridges between centuries, cultures, nationalities, traditions, and legacies is the natural habitat of Maribor's multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger, Vasko Atanasovski.

Atanasovski, a master of genre fluidity, seamlessly blends classical, jazz, rock, and world music. The result is a stunning and original musical language, comprehended and loved by the widest audiences admired and appreciated by connoisseurs. Ecstatic yet refined, eclectic yet polished, his masterful interweaving of the contemporary and the traditional is marked by the immaculate sensibility, always considering the preciousness and fragility of ancient threads from which the new patterns are woven.

The same source, the ancient musical tradition of his native Macedonia and the broader Balkans, also fuels the creativity of the internationally renowned Macedonian guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski. His diverse musical projects are tied together by the masterful blending of primal rhythms and melodies with the present, enriched by the musician's astonishing virtuosity and top-notch improvisation, openness, and curiosity that drive him to constantly seek new challenges and discovering new paths towards excellence and perfection.

The Fire & Ice project certainly comes very close to it. But fortunately, it escapes it! In a world where algorithms increasingly shape our lives, a perfect (read: cold) sequence of zeroes and ones, it is the excitement of the imperfect and unpredictable that we long for. To step out of the repetitive, to stray from the drawn line, to get lost in the thrill of the different and the unknown. To feel the very heartbeat that skips the beat and gets lost among the waves of ecstasy.

Come. Feel it. Live!

Text by: Maja Pirš

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