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»It was so beautiful I almost cried.«

Getting such a commentary from the audience after a concert is all we could ever wish for. It is what we strive and work for: the elusive moments when the beauty of music touches hearts.

These are the moments not just music but art, in general, is created for. And these are the moments which make everyone involved in what we do, feel content. Fulfilled. Appreciated. Such words are our greatest reward. It might be just words, but for us, they are worth more than anything.

What if these words came from a little girl who has just enjoyed her first classical music concert? For that’s just what happened! During our concert for babies and toddlers a little girl raised hand and said this to Nika Gorič, the soloist. What a moment! A sincere, loud and proud declaration of love for classical music. And the most evident proof of its power.

Both are the exact thing we all strive for when either organising or visiting a concert. To feel free to drop our guard, open our hearts and just let us fall in love with music. For the first time, or again and again. This little girl did it. And it is why this little girl alone was worth doing the festival for!

So, we’ll keep doing it. With our fantastic musicians – old and new friends from all over the world who take time from their busy schedules to come to Maribor and share their brilliance, love and passion the future of Festival Maribor looks just as bright as our trademark yellow!

So please keep in touch and look for the next series of yellow banners and posters, with new dates and exciting programmes. We look forward to seeing you at the Maribor festival 2023, another fantastic opportunity to fall in love, be mesmerised, be elevated, and create those special memories that make our lives richer and our souls fulfilled.

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