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A testament to courage 

Vulnerability is the raw and unguarded expression of our true selves, our limitations, fears and insecurities. One might perceive it as a sign of weakness, yet it is anything but! 

Only by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable can we gain deeper insights into our inner selves, coming face-to-face with our true desires, values, and aspirations. Daring to venture beyond the known unleashes our potential, promotes growth and fosters authenticity. Being who you are is power. 

Authenticity is probably the best word to describe one of our times' most compelling ensembles the No Borders Orchestra, sweeping the European concert stages like a storm. Their power lies in their courage to venture into the unknown, to ask questions – even the unpleasant ones – and to bare it all in pursuit of answers. With their finger firmly on the pulse of time, they dig deep into the past and present in their quest for beauty and – truth.

Join the quest! Sifting through the powerful messages of some of classical music's most canonical and radical masterpieces, they invite us to a journey of self-discovery. Each note and every crescendo a testament to the courage to accept vulnerability and make it a catalyst for growth.

Embrace it. Own it. Elevate it. And yourself.

Text by: Maja Pirš

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