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A key to the treasure trove

»It is wonderful to write music for young people, but it is also a great challenge, a tremendous responsibility. You have to give your best because children are honest and immediately sense if you are not. There should be no hiding, no artificiality, and no pretence that we are delving into high art or contemporary music simply because it is expected. Children are straightforward, and the music must be the same; it must touch them.«

This is how the Slovenian composer Nana Forte described her and her co-author Jure Ivanušič’s creative process in writing The Star and the Heart – a musical play for young listeners commissioned by Festival Maribor. We are confident that every composer who has ever undertaken a project for children would agree.

Introducing good (classical) music to young listeners is a complex endeavour, bearing in mind the profound emotional experience it provides. Classical compositions for young audiences not only serve as aesthetic delights but also play a pivotal role in their holistic development, offering numerous cognitive, emotional, and cultural benefits.

Yet, to capture the hearts of young listeners, recognising those factors alone is not enough. There has to be more. A spark. A mystery. A key to a treasure trove, harbouring life's most treasured gifts: the pursuit of beauty, the fire of intellect, the depth of emotions, the roots of culture, and the spark of creation.

Share all of these with your little ones! Join us at the premiere of The Star and The Heart, or our traditional Matinee for babies and toddlers, featuring a medley of piano miniatures and poetry for children.

Allow them to experience and enjoy classical music composed and performed especially for them. Its enchantment is an invitation to transcendence, a key to unlock the secrets of the universe hidden in the vibrations of each and every note. Witness firsthand the beginning of an enduring love. It is both our duty and privilege to be the heralds of this timeless enchantment!


Text by: Maja Pirš 

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