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Pre-event: String Islands - Rhythms of Coexistence

Bojan Cvetrežnik, MC, audio-visual concept, arrangements, conductor 
JAMirko, DJ, beat&bass, audio production
Nejc Škofic, Keyboards
Filip Vadnu, Guitar
Damaris Potočnik, Vocals
“Godalkanje” Fiddle Gang (Barja Drnovšek, Anja Šoštarič, Ajda Cvek, Nika Škodič, Clarisse Petrovič Duret, Eva Rojko, Izabela Hace)

Professional Instructors and Musicians (Andrej Božič, Klemen Bračko, An Černe, Vesna Čobal, Monika Debelič, Maša Golob, Dejan Gregorič, Petra Jurič, Hermina Matjašič, Jan Šoštarič, Margarita Ulokina, Barbara Upelj) 
Violins (students from music primary schools in Maribor, Celje, Velenje, Idrija, Ljutomer and Slovenj Gradec, and hobbyist string players)

Main Square, Maribor

Pre-festival Event

This event, situated on Maribor’s Main Square, aims to attract random passers-by while at the same time offering a deeper reflection on the interaction between the current global structure and the freely creative voices of individuals. String Islands are stages, populated by groups of violins, that are placed around the main stage (island) where the DJ and the band reside. The audience walks between the islands, thereby continuously adjusting the soundscape and becoming not just a passive observer but an active participant. How loud can the voice of an individual be today?

To older traditions the artists have added modern trends–the “classic art” in this case being disco music from the 70s and 80s. The sound of the violin was a classic feature of the popular music of the era. Trained violinists performed the arrangements at a high technical level. The newer trends presented at this event are traditional violin playing styles representing the extraordinary diversity of various regions across Europe. Political borders have not homogenized local violin playing techniques or sounds, as there are still thousands of clearly recognizable styles of violin playing in Europe which find a place in this musical performance within global musical legacies. Disco rhythms are also joined by the centuries-old heritage of classical music and jazz music,  which mutually interact with more regional-specific sounds. 

The islands are arranged in the form of the western tonal system. The harmonies in the music are also reflected in the lighting design.

Even today, there are many bright and wise ideas among people, but they require the cooperation and support of global structures so that cooperation among individuals can occur. This performance also allows for the integration of diverse local artists and local sounds in each version of the presentation in different locations. 

Let’s enjoy the performance of virtuosos and, in the space of a single town square, walk through European soundscapes. 

*Free entrance.

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