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International Workshop for the Performance of Contemporary Music

Led by: Dré A. Hočevar, Tilen Lebar, Alastair White, Gašper Livk

Conservatory for Music and Ballet Maribor

Music Workshop for Students

Concurrently with the 2022 Festival Maribor, an international music workshop for students will take place between September 19 and 23 at the Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet. It will be divided into two parts: in the first, artistic director and workshop mentor Dré A. Hočevar will give a lecture on his composition Opus I. _ composition for .meta (2020/2021) and perform the work with members of the .abeceda Institute’s new music ensemble, while in the second part the students will gain experience playing in a professional ensemble. Led by composers-in-residence Tilen Lebar and Alastair White, students will learn two new works and perform them publicly. Work with the ensemble will be coordinated by a conductor, the two composers and Gašper Livk, artistic director of the ensemble. The workshop will conclude with a concert featuring the performance of a new work written just for this occasion.

This project is a co-production with the Narodni dom Maribor Cultural Center and in cooperation with the Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet. The activities of the .abeceda Institute are supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

*Participation for the students of the Conservatory for Music and Ballet Maribor, upon application.

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