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Grand Hall, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor

A Mischievous matinee concert for families.
(For children 6 and up)

A coproduction with the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor.

Boomtastic comprises a colorful group of gentlemen: Yo-yogi Joachim, Krištof the Clown, Country Boy Sebastian, Max the Rapper, Florian “Mr Klingeling” and Simon the Frenchman. When they play together, Krištof and Mr. Klingeling are constantly pushing to be in front to steal the spotlight. Will these six friends manage to play together and not against each other?

Louie’s Cage Percussion delights children with plenty of humor, thrills youngsters with lively rhythms and acrobatic antics, while parents get to enjoy virtuoso and varied music, so it is not surprising that the ensemble’s concerts are real hit with families. Boomtastic is a virtuosic witty concert-theatre circus where the percussionists become multi-instrumentalists and, above all, breathtaking masters of Boomwhackers, plastic pipes of different lengths and colors that one must hit the ground with in the right sequence and at the right moments. And that’s how an exciting musical performance is made, the likes of which you’ve definitely never seen–excuse me, heard–before. 

Tickets: 5 € (online purchase)
Ticket sales begins on 11th July.

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