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SToP Percussion Ensemble

The eight percussionists of the Slovenian Percussion Project (in Slovenian “Slovenski tolkalni projekt”, or SToP for short) have been performing together since 1999, united by a desire to play chamber music together, perform first-rate compositions and explore new sounds. Driven by an openness to diverse musical influences and to new ideas, the ensemble presents interesting and, above all, rhythmic concerts that employ a wide range of classical, folk and other percussion instruments – which can also mean cooking pots, dishes, toys, car brakes, pipes, table tennis paddles, balls, nails, hammers, barrels, whistles, rattles and many other items. Their ability and desire to perform purely classical music, their own works, as well as modern electro-acoustic percussion music, confirm the uniqueness of the group in Slovenia and abroad. 

The musicians complement their musical and social mission with many other activities, including educational concerts for young listeners, organizing seminars and the festival BumFest, and by actively encouraging Slovenian composers to write music for percussion ensemble. The group comprises academically trained and established percussionists Barbara Kresnik, Marina Golja, Matevž Bajde, Damir Korošec, Franci Krevh, Tomaž Lojen, Davor Plamberger and Dejan Tamše. SToP has performed on numerous stages in Slovenia and abroad, including in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and South Korea. In 2013 they received the Župančič Award for their work and in 2014 the Prešeren Fund Prize. 

In their continuous search for fresh ways of connecting different artistic fields, the members of the Slovenian Percussion Project are moving beyond the performance of just the classical percussion repertoire.

A series of successful projects in conjunction with dance, video and, last but not least, stone sculptures testify to their dynamic and varied artistry. Dedicated to presenting educational content that both inspires and entertains, SToP’s concerts for young listeners use spoken narration to reveal the curiosities and beauties of music. 

In their twenty years of performing together, the ensemble has performed a considerable number of pieces, many written specifically for them.

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