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Emotions running high 

The opening night of Festival Maribor is always special. Months of preparation culminate in a single evening. The excitement is palpable. This year, even more so, as we are more than thrilled to open the festival with Alexander Gadjiev. The global rising star of pianism returns to our stage with a programme bound to enthral the audiences – Chopin’s Second Piano Concerto.

Lacking the confidence to confess his feelings to a girl he adored, the proverbially shy composer poured his most intimate emotions and fears into music. The same applies to another great work on our programme: Symphony No. 5 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Doubting his ability and talent, he described it as »… a complete resignation before fate, which is the same as the inscrutable predestination of fate ...« Yet, not everything is bleak! Rays of lights cut through the darkness, revealing vivid colours and bursts of energy and melodies full of grace offer hope and relief. 

Just what an opening night needs! Come and experience the outburst of energy on and behind the stage. Feel our joy of being able to share the passion for music with you and some of the most exciting and sought-after musicians of our time. The moment is finally here. Our musical feast commences!

P.S.: Mr. Gadjiev will present us with opportunity to delve even deeper into Chopin’s music in a recital on September 17th. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the interpretations that convinced one of the most discerning juries in the world!

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