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A bond made through music is a bond lasting forever

»It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter,« Marlene Dietrich once said.

We are pretty sure everyone she called in the small hours picked up. We are also sure that Simon Trpčeski, Benjamin Ziervogel and Gal Faganel wouldn't mind getting a 4 a.m. call by Nika Gorič because their New Friendships are forged through a special bond.

Joined by music, creating beauty together, sharing the stage and that particular moment of performing together, of giving it all to the audience, makes their friendships quite unlike any other. Because to them, the only thing that matter to make the connection is – music.

The same goes for friendships made in our childhood. To a child, the only thing that matters to creating a new friend and feeling the bond are emotions. A feeling echoed in another, an emotional moment shared. This is the spark which easily grows in a fire burning forever. 

So do not miss the opportunity for your offspring to experience new emotions evoked by beautiful music created right before them by two outstanding artists. Join us at the Sing with Me  concert for babies and toddlers. The new precious friend your little one will make will remain their faithful companion forever: music.

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